Transpay CMS/Platform


Display a multitude of content on each screen by splitting the feed into separate zones. Each zone can be scaled to fit any portion of the screen with ease.


Split your content into different time segments. Push targeted messages to increase sales and promote the correct information at the correct time.

DIY Price Changes

It‘s Important for most customers to be able to change pricing on the fly. With the Transpay Grid, each customer can change menu items and pricing simply and quickly without any technical knowledge

POS Integration

Transpay has partnered with the leading Point of sale companies to offer an integrated solution. Each display is capable of replicating changes made through the POS software.

Animation Simplified

Now everyone can create beautiful motion graphics with ease. The Transpay system lets you load in your daily specials and display them in full motion without any technical knowledge.

Weather in Real-Time

Transpay offers Free Weather information, cast to your screen in real time. Choose from many different layouts and forecast options from your local town!


Create scrolling text with ease in the Transpay Digital Signage CMS. Choose your favorite RSS feed from the web or create your own with our easy to use tools.

Dynamic Content

Load in dynamic news feeds from Transpay News to ensure the latest content is appearing on your screen. Choose from Headline News, Sports. Science, Potics, Business, Entertain- ment News and More!


load in MRSS feeds to populate any zone with images to relate to your content feeds.

Sports Feeds

Stream the latest results from your favorite sports including baseball, basketball, football etc. Show what's happening today and tomorrow, as well as past results from previous days.

Advertising Made Easy

Include Advertisements from local businesses and tradesmen to see an instant ROI. Earn monthly recurring income from ads that you control!

Player Grouping

Group players into regions or marketing segments to easily push any schedule of content to a multitude of players with one click.