The Cost Aspect of Digital Signage-backed marketing

Published On January 27, 2022

The immersive and interactive experience that Digital Signage offers has undoubtedly taken the Retail Industry by storm. It has changed the dynamics of In-store Marketing of anything and everything and is slowly making static signage-based marketing obsolete.

One of the important reasons why Digital Signage is a massive hit is its cost effectiveness. To save costs or get more value per dollar spent, in a digital signage-based marketing outreach, it would be necessary to carefully decide on the alternatives at each stage of the process, viz, hardware selection, software selection, training and installation, technical support etc.


An important component of hardware is the display screen. The display screen can be a household smart TV model or a commercial grade display that has more processing power, is more durable, and has longer warranty period. The size of the display screen too impacts costs as the cost of a wall sized screen required for high-impact signage and a small-sized display would vary a lot.

The next key component is the media player for streaming the content. The media player could be inbuilt in a display screen or may be a separate unit. Different models are available in the market that vary in memory, processing speed and resultantly the cost as well. A mini PC can also double as a player. Some media players come pre-loaded with free digital signage software, and if not, it may have to be bought separately.

Other costs of the digital signage relate to mounts as well as the cabling cost. Angled mounts or mounts with hinged arms may have to be selected based on where the signage would be placed. The cabling quality is crucial as durability and transmission speed depend to a great extent on the type of cable used.

Labour Cost

The labour cost of installing the above would depend on the hardware configuration selected as well as the number of signages proposed to be deployed, the size of the individual displays, etc.


The software required for the digital signage can be either purchased for installation or can be used though a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service model, which would typically include the cost of maintenance as well as updates. On the contrary, owning and installing the software would involve costs like training as well as troubleshooting on the software.

Once the hardware and software are ready, they need to be connected, configured, and integrated suitably with the communication systems by professionals with digital signage expertise. Internet access, networking, broadband access costs, etc. also come into play. Compliance with regulations, including ADA compliance will have to be factored in to the thought process.

Content Creation

The most important variable cost in a digital signage campaign is the cost of content and would have to be properly budgeted and provided for. The cost implications of content would significantly vary between a static text and an interactive touchscreen content. The content should be appropriate for the business and may be developed in-house by incurring the necessary costs or outsourced to a professional agency by paying fees. If any additional licensing costs are required, then that too should be factored in.

Hardware and software used for digital signages are technology-intensive and require prompt IT support. Also wear and tear of the components needs to be considered. Digital signage assets can be depreciated over the useful life for tax and accounting purposes, according to extant regulations. Looking ahead, technological obsolescence and software updation can be a pressing reality. The impact of these too need to be incorporated into the cost computations.

The wide benefits associated with digital signages far outweigh the costs involved. The ability to make sure that the right content gets streamed to the right audience at the right time is one of the primary advantages of employing a digital signage-based marketing campaign. The ability to adapt the streaming content dynamically, integrating it with the organizations’ other digital campaigns, incorporating dedicated and professionally curated feeds, etc. would be possible only in digital marketing endeavour.

Brands have to be invariably creative in customer engagement to survive in this heavily competitive marketplace. A visually appealing and memorable signage that can help your business stand out among the competition is no longer a luxury, but a pressing business exigency.

Engaging a professional expert to boost your marketing creativity and giving your business the necessary competitive edge is just a click away.

Managed Services

At RTT Digital Signage, we offer an array of options that will help you transition to an efficacious digital marketing plan. By subscribing to our managed services plan you get access to a team of experienced installers, unlimited motion graphic content, cloud-based content management system (CMS), free storage on the cloud, life-time warranty, software upgrades, support and more.

Our team of seasoned graphics designers manage your displays for a nominal monthly fee, and you do not need to worry about stale / old content or prices running on your displays.

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