How to Make your Digital Menu Board Stand-Out in a Crowd?

Digital menu board helps to drive sales growth at a restaurant. But, only if you are able to make it stand out among the increasing huge crowd of users.

Although, the product or food needs to be top notch for the sales to increase, operator can ensure that his restaurant’s digital menu board system does the job it was designed to do, i.e. to grab the attention of consumers who are very picky and easily affected by visuals.

Digital Menu Board

According to a recent study, animated digital signage menu board are proven to drive sales growth by 15-20% in retail establishments. While, another study also suggests that more than 60% of today’s digital menu boards are executed wrongly resulting in lower sales.

In order for a digital menu board to stand out, a restaurant owner or manager should first ensure the proper placement of the system. They should place it in such a way that it would be easy to see and not suffer from any glare.

Next, menu on the board should be simple but at the same time should be able to grab customer's attention with animation and visuals. Experts always recommend no to overcrowd the digital menu board. Around 24-36 items are preferable and effective on a single screen.

Effective dayparting helps operators target their demographic with the dishes specific to that group. For example if school kids are your major clients after school hours you can promote quick snacks and high-energy foods at that time. Similarly, if stay-at-home moms are your main customers during midday, you can promote salads and other healthy food items during that period.

The digital menu should be changed on a frequent basis, as same menu will gradually lose interests from customers after an initial attraction. Operators can give minor changes to images and text on a frequent basis, while a major upheaval can be done every 6 months.

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