10 Reasons Why You Should Prefer Digital Menu Boards

Published On December 13, 2018

Are you a restaurateur aiming to grab as many customers as you can? Do you have much on offer, but finding difficult to reach your potential? Tired of trying various marketing strategies and presentation methods?

In today's digital age, traditional menu boards may not be enough to attract customers to your restaurant. That's where digital menu boards come in. These innovative displays allow you to showcase your offerings in a visually appealing and dynamic way, grabbing the attention of potential customers and enticing them to try your delicious dishes.

Digital Signage For Menu Boards
Digital signage Menu Boards could be your end solution. In the digital world, technically advanced menu boards are gaining wide acceptance in food industry, outsmarting traditional methods. It can attract and sustain customers, resulting in better sales.

More convenient, user-friendly and eco-friendly digital menu boards entertain and engage customers, giving more options to choose from.

Discover the benefits of Digital Menu Boards and how they can help you reach your full potential in the competitive restaurant industry.

1. Attract customers

Pictures speak much more than words. Digital menu boards can easily woo customers to a restaurant with eye-popping food images and videos that can be changed often. An excellent visual display of food items on the offer, compared to hardcopy menus, makes it easy for them to choose and take quicker decisions.

2. Increase sales

Various studies have proved that digital menu boards can help in boosting sales. Customers are easily attracted to images, which prompt them to take quicker decisions. This in turn, encourages increased spending. Researches show that there has been about 10-15 percent rise in restaurant sales after deploying digital menus.

Owners can choose the items for display based on customer demand, high margin, promotions and inventory. They can show items with better margins on the menu board, tempting customers to buy them. This increases the possibility of enhanced restaurant sales.

Attract Customers Digital Signage

3. More convenient

Digital menu boards are more convenient and more useful for restaurants, as changing the screen presentation is easier and cheaper. Compared to the generally used traditional methods, these advanced boards can often change images, update promotions, and show videos on demand.

Restaurants can schedule to automatically change menu based on time, day, and audience, compared to the old static menu cards. Highlighting a day’s special also can be done easily and impressively using digital menu.

4. Cost effective

The initial installation expense was an issue earlier, but no longer. Not only that, the owners can recover their money in a very short span of time.

Digitalization is the best way to become cost effective, as they can be easily updated, and printing costs for menus or promotional offers could be reduced significantly. Maintenance is very easy. It can also reduce store-level labor. Digital menus can be manually or automatically updated with no extra expense.

5. Easy-to-use Technology

The technology behind digital boards is very simple. Owners can manage it by themselves in a few clicks. They can manage the entire network of menu boards from anywhere in the world, change its displays, menu lists, add offers, and more.

Videos and images can be programmed to run during different days, times or seasons.

6. Compliance with Food Laws Easier Now

The U.S. Food and Drug and Administration (FDA's) new regulation requires calorie information on restaurant menus and menu boards. The rule says that restaurants and similar retail food establishments that are part of a chain of 20 or more locations must have calorie labeling on their menu.

This also helps customers take informed decisions about their food they want to order. Digital menu boards enable the restaurateur to easily display the needed information, and also update them whenever the rule changes, without much effort.

7. Up-sell/ Cross sell

Digital menu boards help in up-sale. These screens can make higher-end products attractive and display complimentary items. Burger King's use of digital menu boards across London and Birmingham locations resulted in a 64 percent rise in sales in one year. With eye-catching displays, one can grab customer's attention and can upsell new menu items.

8. Reduce wait times

Digital menu boards can reduce wait times, by helping customers to choose food items faster.  The text, images and ingredients of foods displayed on the menu give customers enough impressions for faster decision making. The running texts and visuals can to a great extent make the wait time more enjoyable and less boring.

Owners can also add some health tips or fun facts to the display, to enhance customer experience. In no uncertain terms, this will bring in more bucks to the owner’s kitty at the end of the day.

9. Brand Consistency

Digital menu boards help restaurants to make sure that all their locations are up-to-date and consistent, boosting their brand image. Traditional menu boards, on the other hand, need constant efforts to manage, and there are also risks of employees forgetting to make the needed changes in time.

10. Customer testimonials

Digital boards can also be used for displaying customer feedback. This will go a long way to build and improve the brand image, thereby increasing the footfall. Endorsement by customers and mouth-to-mouth advertising is perhaps the best publicity any restaurant can get.

No wonder that more and more restaurants are preferring digital menu board to printed ones nowadays for the immense operational efficiency and better sales.


Digital menu boards are brighter, clearer, colorful, and less crowded unlike the traditional menu. This gives customers a memorable experience and leaves a lasting impression on them, prompting them to visit again.

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