Digital Signage Animation
Eye-Catching Animation
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Animate sales by showcasing your product images with our stunning and prolific animation objects. Our visual content marketing strategy can create an immersive experience to help you strike an emotional chord with your customers. If images say it louder than words, our persuasive animations say it at a much higher decibel to optimize your traffic and ROI. Keep your audience spellbound, and reduce perceived waiting time with our customized animations.

Maximize ROI With Dayparting - RTTDigital Signage
Maximize ROI With Dayparting
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Dayparting is presentation of time-relevant marketing content, targeting different groups of audience through the course of a day. It requires knowledge of who the audience is at a given time, the change in audience throughout the day, and customer demographics. Our proprietary CMS helps you configure dayparting schedules to split and display same/different content at different times of the day, in alignment with the audience-type and business promotion strategies. Dayparting is crucial to maximizing ROI from digital signage, by presenting timely and relevant messages in tandem with the shifting interests of the target audience on a daily basis.

Powerful Cloud-Based CMS - RTTDigital Signage
Powerful Cloud-Based CMS
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RTT Digital Signage offers a truly cloud-based Content Management System (CMS) that allows our customer to create, manage and schedule content to be displayed. Our proprietary CMS can be accessed from any web browser to make changes to content, design and schedule within minutes. Use any device, any browser to manage your content and enjoy the true freedom of expression with RTT’s CMS. There are no Apps to download. The centralized control of content through the CMS helps the client manage the network remotely from any device anywhere.

Live TV - RTTDigital Signage
Live TV
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Entertain your audience with Live TV, while engaging them with your promotions. Streaming Live TV content just got easier with our SmartSign 600 device. Plug in your cable feed into the SmartSign 600 and enjoy seamless streaming of Live TV on a distinct zone on the display, independent of Internet. Populate the zones surrounding the TV feed with your offers/deal/promotions. RTT offers you more than One Way to Win!

Ready To Use Content - RTTDigital Signage
Ready To Use Content
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RTT provides FREE weather and news. Clients can customize the weather by zip code to provide local weather – current, 3, 5, and 7 day forecast. These content can be added to any area of the channel with a few clicks.
News tickers are a great way to make announcements or to provide timely and useful information. RTT’s content management system allows clients to generate their own news ticker to communicate timely news and information. Clients use this feature for various reasons, including making time sensitive information/announcements, retailers make use of this to run promotions.

POS Digital Signage Interface - RTTDigital Signage
Quick ‘N Easy POS Interface
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Through partnerships with leading Point-Of-Sale or POS providers, RTT offers tried-and-tested solutions that can be integrated with diverse, widely-used POS platforms. Integrate your Point-Of-Sales Systems with RTT’s quick & easy POS interface to instantly reflect price or product or inventory changes on the display. Let your customers experience instant gratification on observing price consistency between your POS system and screens. Add RTT’s digital flavors to make your POS smart and keep up with the latest

Digital Signage For Convenience Stores


Keep delivering the highest quality goods to your clients, by adding the best-rated, turn-key digital signage solution on the market. RTT provides state-of-the-art marketing services to help customers grow their business.

In addition to helping customers make impressive presentations, the service allows customers to offer eye-catching daily, weekly or monthly specials and make necessary changes to accommodate fluctuating prices. More importantly, this turn-key solution helps increase sales by 20% or more.

Some of our customers are already taking advantage of the turn-key solution. We encourage customers to watch a few of the testimonials to learn more about the service and how it help increase sales and improve their businesses environment.

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Digital Signage For Pizza Stores


From POS Integration with some of the best names in the industry, to Live TV integration, RTT has the most functional and customer focused Digital Signage in the industry.

Pizzeria owners rave about RTT’s turn-key fully managed service, which allows them to focus more on their business operations and less on their marketing. With state of the art dayparting technology, Keith never needs to worry about changing his monthly specials. RTT creates all of his content and schedules it for him months in advance, automatically changing at the owners desired time, down to the exact minute.

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Digital Signage All In One - RTTDigital Signage


Turn-Key Digital Signage - RTTDigital Signage
  • checkFREE Complete Digital Signage Solution
  • checkIndustrial Grade Media Player
  • checkReal-Time Content Manager (CMS)
  • check50" Display, Wall or Ceiling Mount
  • checkHDMI Cable, Ethernet Cable

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