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For more than a decade, RTTDigital Signage has been providing Digital Marketing tools with managed services to national, regional and independent business owners. We offer Digital Menu Boards, specials/promotional displays, lottery display, cigarette displays and LED signs for windows, wall and poles to increase sales. Customers choose RTTDigital Signage for the following reasons:

  • check_circleWe are the single point of contact for all digital signage needs – big and small LED signs, Digital Menu Boards, marketing/promotional displays and all other In-store Digital Marketing.
  • check_circleDeclutter and modernize the store by eliminating ineffective paper signs on windows, walls,and variety of signs hanging from ceiling.
  • check_circleSingle Source for all Digital Marketing - Proprietary hardware, Cloud-based Content Management System (CMS) with unlimited motion graphic content and free storage on the cloud.
  • check_circleA team of experienced installers and technicians readily available to deploy and service stores across the country.
  • check_circleFREE lifetime warranty of RTT Smart Sign, FREE software upgrades and support.

Drive More Traffic from the Street and Pumps to Increase Sales

LED For Pole Digital Signage

Although most business owners understand that LED Displays deliver immediate and double-digit return on investment (ROI), small business owners believe they cannot afford LED Displays. RTTDigital Signage designed highly affordable low-cost LED Displays that can be customized to customer needs, for all types of business.

  • check_circleHigh resolution LED Displays with FREE 5-year warranty
  • check_circleFREE lifetime warranty and all software upgrades for SmartSign PC.
  • check_circleMultiple Size and shapes of LED Sign for window, walls, poles, and roadside billboards.

LED For Window Digital Signage

LED for Windows

RTT designed highly effective and affordable LED displays to drive more customers into convenience stores, restaurants, bars, and liquor stores. Most stores see double- digit sales increase with strategically placed LED signs on windows facing the pumps, street or parking lots.

  • check_circlePromote high-margin items, specials and weekly/monthly promotions on a single display.
  • check_circleCustomers are more likely to visit a store that they feel to be safe and clean.
  • check_circleMake the store more inviting by eliminating paper signs on windows.
  • check_circleUnlimited motion graphic content to increase sales.

Are you Capitalizing on the time customer is at the counter and the store?

In today’s environment where businesses are facing labor shortage and rising wages, RTTDigital Signage helps businesses find creative ways to eliminate the dependency on employees to “upsell and promote” to consistently increase sales and reduce cost.

Digital Menu Boards with Motion Graphics Drive Sales

Digital Signage Menu Boards

Whether your store is across the street from one of the major brands or around the corner from a competitor, RTTDigital Signage can provide impactful digital menu boards with motion graphics to help compete with the biggest names in the convenience store industry.

Regardless of the type of food - Fried Chicken, Pizza Program, Sandwich, Mexican Food, Grab-n-Go or something more - RTT’s Digital Menu Boards with eye-catching motion graphics can help upsell and increase sales. Digital Menu Board is one of the easiest and fastest ways to increase sales.

Checkout Displays are Designed to Deliver Double- Digit Sales Increase

There is no better place to promote than when a customer is at the register. Most customers spend at least 1-2 minutes at the register to pay for fuel, food, tobacco or whatever else a customer buys at the store.

RTTDigital Signage Displays engage customers to upsell not only while they are at the store, but also set the stage for customers to return to the store again. There is no other vendor service that can match RTT’s Checkout Displays or help increase sales better.

Boost Lottery Sales Like Never Before

Most customers have never seen or experienced lottery display like this one! This display does NOT simply show jackpot numbers. This is thoughtfully designed to increase sales by presenting information that would motivate consumers to buy additional tickets.

Consumers tend to buy more lottery tickets as the jackpot climbs higher. We designed the Lottery Display to highlight the increase in jackpot each time when the jackpot increases for each game.

Similarly, we find creative ways to increase scratch lottery sales. RTT’s team of professional graphic designers highlight some of the new and popular games to increase sales, particularly higher price scratchers. We also started marketing upcoming new games to build momentum, setting the stage for a steady and strong sales increase.

5-6% commission on lottery sales translates into meaningful increase to the bottom line for our customers. The best part is store owners/operators do not have to get involved in managing the display as it is part of the Turn-Key solution provided by RTTDigital Signage.

Boost Your Tobacco Related Sales with a FREE Display

Tobacco Display Digital Signage

As the leader in providing In-store Digital Marketing, we understand consumer behavior and the importance of delivering the right message at the right time. We designed the Tobacco display not just to display cigarette prices. Instead, we designed it in a way to attract customers attention to upsell multiple products, including tobacco products that deliver high margin and larger rebates.

For a limited time, Gas Stations and Convenience Stores can receive a FREE Cigarette Display – 50” TV. RTTSmartSign PC with Digital Signage software and custom content. These displays can be installed vertically or horizontally. Contact sales to learn how tobacco displays can help your store.

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